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Announcing European Tour Dates with Mad Dukez, Fresh Kils, PremRock


After wowing the USA and Canada the past few years, Dukez & Kils, along with New York based wordsmith PremRock, are crossing the mighty Atlantic Ocean to take Europe by storm! And with PremRock in the mix making a much anticipated return to the Czech Republic, this live set will delight you, no matter what language you speak. For a taste, watch Dukez and Kils perform their live rendition of Bruce Lee’s “Enter The Dragon” or their music visuals for the singles VALLEY VIEW andSOOKIE SOOKIE. You can also check PremRock’s latest single LENS or his music video for SINGAPORE. But honestly, you should check the schedule below and witness these talented musicians live to get the full experience. See you in Europe!

15 April – Strasbourg France @ Campus Esplanade
16 April – Lyon France @ Raspoutine Club
17 April – Bordeaux France @ Wunderbar
18 April – Le Mans France @ Le Lexard
20 April – Nijnegen, Netherlands @ TBA
22 April – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ The Winston
24 April – Vienna, Austria @ Einbaumöbel
25 April – Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic @ Naplavka
26 April – Chomutov, Czech Republic @ Club Kubovna
27 April- Prague, Czech Republic @ TBA
2 May – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Musik Loppen
3 May – Augsburg, Germany @ Soho Stage

Moar Beets, Volume I

Hip Hop Producer Tony At:
“I am going to put a series of instrumental compilations up here on the ol’ internet over the next few months called Moar Beets. They’re free, but there will be an option to donate (no pressure); any proceeds made here will be put towards releasing some of this music on vinyl ^1
This set in particular is all music that I made for Pseudo Slang ^2 but went unused in any official capacity. Please use these however you’d like ^3″

^1 Disclaimer: proceeds may be used to buy records and/or beer as well.
^2 A rap group I used to make beats for.
^3 As long as it’s for fun and not monetary gain

DOWNLOAD the full album today